Pastor John Heinike

John grew up in Orchard Park and graduated in 1978. He went to Michigan State University, where he received a Bachelor’s of Landscape Architecture in 1982. He returned to western New York and began a sales career in the nursery industry. In 1984, he came into God’s family through a friend who brought him to her church. John continued to go to this church as he began his own nursery 1990. In the nursery business, John experienced heart-ache and hardships that stretched his faith, and drew him into a deeper understanding of God’s hope and love for him. The October Storm of 2006 devastated John’s nursery and was the catalyst for his call to ministry. Upon the approval of his wife, Linda, John pursued a M.Div. degree at Northeastern Seminary and graduated in May of 2010. He served as connect pastor at Akron Free Methodist Church before coming to Nash Road FMC. He enjoys running, sleeping in the woods with a gun in hand (hunting?), reading, playing hockey with his son, Jimmy, and hanging out with his step daughter Lara and her husband Chris.

Pastor John Heinike

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